Endangered Emus

The Endangered Coastal Emu population of the Clarence Valley is in serious trouble. In just a few short years the population has retracted and split into distinct isolated sub-populations – a classic precursor for extinction. They no longer exist at Red Rock or Iluka.

NPWS Ranger Gina Hart and a small number of community members have been working tirelessly trying to save this population from extinction. You can help out by:

  • Drive slowly in known emu areas (eg. along Minnie Water Road, Brooms Head Road)
  • Control domestic dogs in coastal communities
  • Participate in the annual emu survey (express your interest by emailing emus@cvcia.org.au )
  • Reporting any emu sightings (live or dead) to Gina Hart on 6641 1500, by email emus@cvcia.org.au (which sends an email directly to Gina and the CVCIA) or by filling in the simple form below.

Thank you. The emus (and Gina!) need your help!

endangered coastal emus

endangered coastal emus

Reporting a Coastal Emu

Please provide the following contact information in case we need to contact you to confirm your report. Locality is essential. In the details section, please include information on sightings such as nearest cross street and what side of the road the birds were seen on.

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Thank you. All emu sightings help us to track the small population left.