Catching & Euthanasing Indian Mynas

There are a few tricks to catching the Indian Myna bird and the CVCIA Myna team are happy to help out and discuss these techniques with you. Basically, you will need a trap, we can loan you one or you can build your own for less than $20 (see the Build a Trap page) and then the choice of bait (Minced Beef – Lucky Dog Minis seems to be the best as Mynas like red), trap management and whether or not to use caller birds, will often determine how successful your trapping program is. Patience and persistence is often needed as they are CLEVER birds.

The beauty of the PeeGee Myna traps is they are non-lethal so if you trap a native you can easily release it. If you are not sure the bird you have is a Indian Myna, please phone Laura or Kevin on 0456 472 177 or email and who will be more than happy to help.

Euthanasing Indian Mynas

You have a number of options for euthanasing the Indian Mynas you catch:

  • CVCIA Landcare have a number of carbon dioxide gas set ups as well as traps specifically designed for CO2 euthanasing of Indian Mynas. Please please ring Laura on 0456 472 177 to discuss where our nearest gas bottle is located.
  • Ask your local Vet if they would be willing to euthanase the birds for you.
  • Cervical dislocation (breaking the neck) – this is only recommended for those who are experienced  and confident to euthanase birds in this way.
  • Or perhaps you would like to make your own mini CO2 gassing system similar to that shown below. Please click on the link for details.

    Mini CO2 gassing system (pdf 204kb)

  • CO2 setup

CVCIA Landcare volunteers are more than happy to help out with your Myna control needs. Check out the ANU  euthanasia section on their websites for more information.

Remember – every animal deserves a quick, humane and painless death!

CO2 setup

CO2 setup click for full screen